Urban Rooftop Garden

diffferent GmbH Strategieagentur

Michael Kloos mit Carlos Lara

Daniel Slota

Holz, Stahl, Erde

ca. 200 qm

Berlin Kreuzberg, 2011

Udo Meinel

... Projektinformationen (pdf)

Facing the river Spree Direkt and the U1 rail line, raumstation* converted the rooftop of a two-storey building into a spacious terrace. While featuring all the usual characteristics of a rooftop terrace, this also includes a vegetable garden for the staff of the adjoining strategy agency.

Each team member takes care of at least two flower or vegetable beds, where they can grow their own flowers or produce, and are supported by a gardener. Harvesting potatoes after a client meeting or enjoying a piece of home-grown radish offers a refreshing and important balance to a highly creative work force. The garden helps ignite new ideas, the lifeblood of a strategy agency.

From design up to co-ordinating and overseeing the actual building conversion, every aspect of the project was managed by raumstar*.