Porcelain Factory

office community l
coworking in berlin

Michael Kloos

LP 1-9

Michele Görhardt, George Koch, Gerold Bublak, Michael Hinz

Brickwork, steel

ca. 800 qm

Place, year
Berlin, 2007/08

Eva-Maria Oberauer, Udo Meinel

From the 1870s onwards industries increasingly settled in the northern Berlin district of Moabit. The former Porcelain Factory in Stendaler Straße was constructed during that same period as a brickwork-cum-steelgirder building. raumstar* has worked on revitalising the building, aiming at a complete reprogramming of the place. Despite this total change, the industrial architecture of the building deriving from the so-called ‘Gründerzeit’ - a period of rapid industrial expansion in Germany from 1871 onwards - will be retained and will even be highlighted and replenished by sensitive interventions characteristic of the language of contemporary architecture.

In reviving this place, raumstar* wants to make it easier for young start-up enterprises to get into those market segments they need for their activities. The conversion of the building serves the idea that the novel use of available space will help to turn the house into the nodal point of a network that from the point of view of urban development will have a positive, i.e., vitalizing influence on its immediate environment.
The conversion of the old porcelain factory building will result in stripping it down to the basic structure of its brickwork and then building it up again, increasing the useable space on the four former production floors by converting cellar- and loft-space and getting the whole building into a state-of-the-art shape.